The “Black Angus Sirloin Frank” is not an ordinary hot dog. It is the pinnacle of quality gourmet sausages. The Black Angus Frank is made with 100% Black Angus sirloin steak and beef cuts. We add a unique recipe of Worcestershire steak seasoning and the Black Angus Franks are then cooked in smokehouses; the old fashioned way. Today most hot dogs contain extenders and meat substitutes such as phosphates, monosodium glutamate (MSG), potato starch, and milk solids. The “Black Angus Sirloin Frank” is made without these additives. The result is a sensational tasting product, which can be marketed as the highest quality alternative to ordinary hot dogs. The Black Angus Sirloin Frank is featured in jumbo sizes to maximize presentation, perception of quality and increased pro tability. Also available in a “slider” mini size for appetizers, catering & kids menus.
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